Cotton is a plant fiber that has been used by man since time immemorial to turn into the fabric and make cloth. Its use can be dated back to the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Cotton is a very accessible form of fabric and the best quality of cotton is Egyptian cotton.

Cotton has a lot of fan following. People love cotton clothes for varied reasons. Most people tend to lean towards buying cotton is for its breathability. It is breezy and feels light on the skin. It is perfect for those hot days in the summer. Cotton is also a favourite of people because it doesn’t irritate your skin. No one likes rashes and that is why they love cotton.

Pure Cotton Formal Shirts for Mens:

Formal wear was invented after the time of industrialisation. When the work was no longer related to physical movement, formal wear was a fashion invention that was made for business entrepreneurs who had to meet people outside their workplace and represent what they were working for. They had to look chic and poise and had to make sure they looked slick and sharp when they went on business meets or to their office.

Formal wear clothing apparels then and now has changed. People then would work for not more than 4-6 hours in a confined position. Their travel distance would also be close as the people who would work in big companies migrated to urban areas close to their workplace. This is why a little discomfort was okay. But, the love for cotton was still there. Cotton is also amazing for times when you want to wear layers of clothing. If you were to wear your coat or tie and didn’t have a soft cloth, you would have a very uncomfortable time at work.

Since the rise in technology, people have come across many man-made fibres like nylon and rayon and like how it flows perfectly. But, it compromises on breathability. Similar to this, even silk a natural fibre of animal origin is not as breathable as cotton, though soft; it can be suffocating in a humid environment.

Indian subcontinent and most of the Northern Hemisphere has a very tropical atmosphere. Summers are usually hot and humid and there are plenty of rains. The temperature during the winter doesn’t go any less than 23°C. People often feel hot in India and usually love to wear breezy clothes. In the southern states and states that come near the sea like Gujarat, Maharashtra and West Bengal have special breezy outfits like dhotis and lungis and light cotton Kurtis. These traditional wear help them keep dry is the moist atmosphere.

But it is not the same for formal wear. The pants are fitted and the shirt that you’d wear should slightly graze your skin. If there is no space between the cloth and the skin, the sweat makes the clothes stick to your skin and the movements of walking or moving hands causes rashes.

Cotton formal shirts are an amazing option to avoid such a problem of sweating. Pure cotton formal shirts are very expensive as they have a lot of properties that make it worth their price. Pure cotton formal shirts are not only breathable but also anti-allergic. They are tough and hence, easy to wash and to maintain. So, if you are the person who’d just want to toss their clothes into the washing machine Pure Cotton Formal Shirts are the best for you. Since they are anti-allergic, they are also anti-bacterial and don’t let the bacteria from your sweat stink your clothes. So, if you are going to be wearing the same shirt all day long, it better be a pure cotton shirt so that you smell fresh for longer.

Buy Men’s Pure Cotton Formal Shirt Online:

When you see the benefits of pure cotton formal shirts it is easy to get swayed into buying them. But, that’s not just what you need to keep in mind. You also need to know that there are different styles of pure cotton shirts that you can wear.

Plain Pure Cotton Shirts:

Solid coloured shirts are an amazing way to make a statement and to make sure you don’t look like a fashion disaster. You can also opt for colours depending on the season you are wearing it in to create an amazing fashion statement.

If you want to play safe on your interview, you can always wear a pure white pure cotton shirt with a black tie and black bottoms. This shirt will be breathable for long and also a perfect way to look presentable for the whole day. Also, it is easy to wash this even if you stain it while chowing down on street food while you wait to get interviewed.

Full Long Sleeve Cotton Shirts:

If you are one of those people that don’t wish to layer clothes on yourself, you can try long sleeve cotton shirts. These full sleeve shirts are amazing for those rookie days in the office and also for an interview. If you are at a high post, sporting a tie with a long sleeve shirt will be an amazing outfit for a day at work. For a semi-formal day at work, you can try pulling your long sleeves up and pulling out your in shirt.

Cotton Checks Shirt:

Another way that you can get a laid back office look is with checks shirt. There are a variety of checks shirts. There are different types of checks fabrics. They depend on the type of weave (meaning how many times a thread is woven in the ways the different coloured threads create a different pattern every time.

Since 100% cotton has a lot of cool properties and hence it is very expensive. When you get pure cotton shirts from well-known brands it costs around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 per shirt. Since we at Donzell Fashion have known the problems of Indian houses; we know that we can sacrifice our comfort if it comes at a price. Hence, to deliver the best to the ones who deserve, we have manufactured and launched our own Pure Cotton Formal Mens Wear with a variety of pure cotton shirts and excellent quality. All our shirts are manufactured and packed to ship from Donzell itself. This makes our Pure Cotton shirts affordable to anyone who loves to wear them.

If you are new to the world of cotton, we are not here just to deliver our products but also to help you learn more about it, so you know what you are buying and will only settle for what feels right and best for you.

Our Formal shirts come in varied sizes and the prices start at Rs. 1,000/-*

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