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Guide to Buying Men’s Cotton Shirts

Your shirt says everything about you, this is why careful planning and consideration is required when buying pure cotton shirts. For experienced men this is no challenge, but for men who are buying shirts for the first time, it could be a difficult task.

Several factors determine the definition of the ideal shirt. From the collar to the sleeves, every aspect of the shirt should compliment your figure.

To help you pass this daunting test, we have compiled various points to consider before buying a shirt.


Men’s shirt fitting
Fit determines how appealing a shirt makes you look and anything less than the perfect fit will not do! When it comes to shirt fitting, there are a few options to assure everyone gets the right fit. 

  • Classic fit:
    The classic fit is the original shirt fitting seen since the introduction of shirts. Many consider it an old-fashioned style, but it is the best professional shirt fit. Another advantage of this shirt fit is that it offers high comfort since it is loose fitting.
  • Slim fit:
    As the name suggests, the slim fit shirt is made to accentuate men with athletic figures. Men who do not wear blazers will need a more stylish shirt which is why the slim fit was introduced.
  • Loose fit:
    The loose fit features a less defined shape and is worn usually for the main intention of feeling comfortable. There is ample space in each portion, helping you move easily and stay aerated.
  • Modern fit:
    As fashion constantly changes, the need for tighter, more attractive clothing also arises. The modern fit is a combination of the slim fit and the classic fit. While it does have a tapering shape, it includes all the foundation elements of the classic fit. This style is modern but it retains the classic collar and sleeves.

Fabric Quality
Cotton is undoubtedly the best fabric choice for men’s shirts. This is majorly due to the fact that cotton fabric offers the highest level of comfort.

Collar design is important since it directly influences the comfort quotient of the shirt. Several collar styles exist that you can choose from to enhance the effects of your shirt. 

  • Button-down collar
    The button-down collar is similar to the classic collar except that the ends of the collar are held down to the shirt by a button on each side.
  • Classic collar
    The classic collar is the simplest collar for formal shirts. Featuring two triangular flaps on either side of the button seams, it is a design accepted for its simple yet sophisticated appearance.
  • Evening collar
    For shirts that are worn for auspicious occasions, the evening collar allows easy application of a bow tie.

Sleeve length is usually the same across all standards of shirts. The real difference in sleeves comes in the number of buttonholes present at the end of the sleeve. The French cut has 4 holes but the English style offers 6 holes. The more buttonholes there are, the more comfortable the shirt will be as you can adjust the sleeves.

Shirt hem
The bottom hem of a shirt affects the overall style of this garment. Some hemlines are meant for casual shirts, while others are formal.

  • Classic hem
    The classic hem is made to cater to men who tuck in their shirts. This is why the front and back portions are longer than the sides. This is the hemline to go for if you wear a full three piece suit.
  • Straight hem
    Casual shirts that are not tucked in have the straight hemline. Relaxed social events are the place to wear shirts with this hem. Straight hems may not be accepted in the office but they do offer more movement than classic hems.

Pocket or no pockets? This is a decision many men get wrong. Generally, the less pockets the better! Here are the options when it comes to pockets on shirts:

  • No pockets (formal)
  • 1 pocket (formal)
  • 2 pockets (informal)
  • More than 2 pockets (very informal)

Picking a shirt is very important since people are likely to judge you based on your clothing. A simple mistake like wearing a casual shirt under your jacket could affect your career. Use this guide to assure you are buying the best men's cotton shirt on the market.