About Us

Donzell – Brand synonymous with Success, Trust, Quality and Excellence. The 3 pillars of the brand are 100% Cotton, Maximum Variety in Cotton and Value for Money for its customers. Launched in 2018, We embarked on a platform of innovation and with an idea to create the best-possible Men’s Formal Shirt. Donzell is a brand with a difference. With a clear vision and sharp focus, at Donzell, the customer comes first. Donzell offers great variety of Formal Shirts.

Donzell shirts are made from premium quality cotton fabric manufactured and quality controlled by our experts. Donzell also controls quality very strictly of right from stitching to finishing of each shirt. For us, Quality is more important than Quantity.

With cotton formal shirt being worn by millions every day, we are totally committed to improving the everyday functionality of our shirts and to making a huge and positive difference to your life. Today, Donzell is the heartthrob of Cotton lovers.

We move with the times, often leading the way to providing more comfortable, more stylish and more innovative every day formal wear. A wear that is just as durable, authentic and stylish as you would expect from the world’s favorite Donzell.